Lipstick & Roses Ingredient

Skin Type:

All Skin Types; great for combination and normal skins

Comedogenicity Rating:

2 – moderately low pore-clogging

Natural SPF:


Region of Origin:

Jojoba is a shrub that is grows in dry regions of northern Mexico and the southwestern US. Jojoba oil and wax are produced from the seeds


Palmitic AcidPalmitoleic AcidStearic AcidOleic AcidLinoleic AcidLinolenic AcidArachidic Acid, Eicosenoic Acid, Enoic AcidBehenic AcidErucic Acid, Lignoceric Acid

Health & Beauty Benefits:

It is used in so many products, no wonder it plays such a large role in cosmetics.  A lot of moisturizers, sunscreens and lotions use jojoba due to the amazing protection and benefits it provides.  Jojoba creates an excellent barrier between your skin and the elements and has a natural SPF of 4 which can help act as a sunscreen.  It is gentle and soothing on the skin and will not cause any allergies unless use in large, concentrated amounts.  Lipstick & Roses is committed to using safe, small amounts.  It does not lose its moisturizing action without feeling greasy, so mixing this oil with your moisturizer creates a powerful and long lasting moisturizer for your skin. You can physically feel the moisture on your skin throughout the whole day.  Jojoba oil is added to shampoos and conditioners to provide extra conditioning for hair.  It’s also added to  products like sunscreen, lipstick and lip gloss.


Jojoba is LIKELY SAFE for most people when applied to the skin. It can cause some side effects such as rash and allergic reactions.

Jojoba is LIKELY UNSAFE for anyone when taken by mouth. Jojoba contains a chemical called erucic acid, which can cause serious side effects such as heart damage.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Applying jojoba to the skin during pregnancy and breast-feeding is LIKELY SAFE. But it is LIKELY UNSAFE to take jojoba by mouth.


An Overview of the Jojoba Oil